2017 Initial Membership


Initial Membership Fees

This is an initial payment against 2018 fees and covers your membership of SLSGB. Without this , we will not be insured to allow you go into the water.  Winter / Spring term fees that will be due in February 2018 will be reduced to reflect this advance payment.

Firstly, please tell us which options you wish to purchase...
Now please tell us a little bit about the applicant...
As parent/carer for the applicant, I have no objection to their being photographed when in club activity

Please sign and date below.

By doing so you are also confirming that you and/or your child have read and agree to abide by the club Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be found here :  http://brightonslsc.org/about/4581757537

Please note that there will be no refund of Term Fees.